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Markets - Naples Produce Market I

 The smell of fresh produce fills the air as you walk down the narrow streets of Old Napoli. 
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While taking a walk down the narrow streets of old Naples, observing the colorful display of produce I cannot help but notice the decorative painted dried Italian squash hanging down.  My grandparents grew this large squash they called "kukuza" in Texas.  Here I stand in Naples, Italy looking at the same exact squash. 

I made this image by photographing a first impression onto Fugi Velvia 100 ASA film.  My process involves first creating this "photographic etching" onto film that I will later convert into a digital or "printing plate" that will be read digitally to make a giclee print.This color image is made into two types of prints.  For a smooth look that reveals each tiny detail, I make a print onto rag paper. I then tear the edges of the print creating a deckle effect at the edge of the print. This type of print is very stunning framed by floating the print on matboard under UV filtering clear glass with airspace left between the print and the glass for conservation purposes.

To accent the movement and texture of a picture, I make a print onto canvas and then paint the lines with clear acrylic brush strokes.  A truly beautiful original piece that comes alive with a simple frame.  Glass is not needed since the print is finished with a UV blocking varnish.

Each print includes a Certificate of Authenticity describing the type of print and my original process of making each print.
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